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The Hyperflow-ASSD automated data collection system is designed for:

  • the automated collection, processing, and reporting of information about the flow and physical properties of natural gas at gas distribution stations, underground gas storage wells, and gas production wells;
  • the transmission of data to operating personnel;
  • the continuous monitoring of the gas flow measurement unit and the operation of target medium control devices;
  • the automatic detection of abnormal and emergency situations in gas flow measuring units

The Hyperflow-ASSD system incorporates two levels:

  • The upper The upper the control point (PU), which provides for: the display of current and archived data and the display of flowmeter and natural gas parameter measuring device settings; and data transmission to operators’, metrologists', and chemists' automated working stations.
  • The lower level: consists of the controlled points (CP) based on the HyperFlow-UIVK multipurpose measuring and computing communicator or the HyperFlow-MK mini-communicator (data transmission via cellular communication in the GSM model, data transmission via radio channel in the R and RG models)

The levels can be connected via Ethernet, hard-wired/GSM modem or radio channel. To ensure data security, the system can be equipped with cryptographic protection in accordance with GOST 28147-89


Multifunctional “smart” communicator