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Process equipment

Electrohydraulic drive

Electrohydraulic drive EGP-01 is designed for controlling ball valves in explosion-hazardous zones of premises and exterior installations.
The device is used as a part of telemetry systems (complexes) for control of valves with nominal pipeline diameter DN300-DN1400 (the device model depends on maximum torque of a ball valve on which an electrohydraulic drive is installed).
The electrohydraulic drive EGP-01 is designed for creating and using hydraulic liquid pressure to control opening and closing a ball valve or other pipeline valve.
The device with included limit switch assembly provides 90° valve turn.
The drive is powered by hydraulic liquid pressure created by a hydraulic pump and pressure energy stored in a hydraulic accumulator. Pressurized hydraulic liquid is fed to a hydrocylinder, which turns the ball valve. In case of power supply outage, EGP-01 is powered by hydraulic liquid energy stored in a hydroaccumulator or with a manual backup (manual pump).
The operating medium used in the hydroaccumulator is an inert gas – nitrogen. During the operation, it is possible to control pressure and refueling of the hydroaccumulator with gas.

Application fields:

Gas production, storage and preparation facilities in gas well clusters, main gas and oil pipelines.


  • Work in harsh climate conditions (environment temperature from -61°C to +60°C);
  • remote control of the process equipment and communication with the telemetry system;
  • 24 V power supply from an autonomous electric complex;
  • possible operation with no power supply;
  • communication with the telemetry system through RS-485 digital interface;
  • designed for operation in explosion-hazardous zones.


Maximum torque
60000 Nm
Valve actuation time
15 s
Number of valve actuations from the hydroaccumulator
Maximum consumed current
Current when idle, max
25 mA
Power supply voltage
21...29 V
Interface type for communication with a telemetry system
Device weight
750 kg

Inhibitor feed system