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18 may 2020

Vympel wins Red Dot Design Award: Product Design 2020

The FAS Humidity Analyzer has won the prestigious international Red Dot Design Award 2020 for Product Design.

13 december 2019

With German accuracy!

No additional correction or adjustment was required, and the weighted mean error (WME) was only -0.13% during the scheduled calibration of an ultrasonic flow meter Vympel-500 after two years of operation.

23 september 2019

Vympel International Partners Conference

Hydrogen energy, machine vision, MEMS technologies at the International Vympel Partners Conference. On September 4-5, the International Vympel Partners Conference dedicated to promising technologies in the field of gas quality control and flow measurement was held. The conference took place at the SPA Vympel complex in Dedovsk, Russia near Moscow. As a center for scientific as well as product research and development, this manufacturing facility was the perfect venue for an event attended by leading experts from 13 countries, representing scientific and research laboratories, manufacturers of analytical and measuring equipment, system integrators and gas pipeline companies.

25 june 2019

Representatives of PJSC Gazprom Subsidiaries and NTGO Equipment Manufacturers Association Visiting LLS “SPA “Vympel”

On 18.06.2019, a field event was held for experts of “New technologies of gas industry” Equipment Manufacturers Association and PJSC Gazprom subsidiaries which was aimed to getting acquainted with the production capabilities of LLC “Scientific and Production Association “Vympel”.

25 april 2019

Pipeline pigs are not an impediment to the efficiency of the Vympel-500 DN 1400 ultrasonic flow meter

As part of the in-line diagnostics work carried lout on the section of pipeline from Urengoy to Uzhgorod, it has been confirmed that pipeline pigs do not affect the operation and reliability of gas flow measurement of the Vympel-500 DN 1400 ultrasonic flow meter.

05 april 2019

Gasunie completes testing of Cong-Prima-10C hydrocarbon liquid analyzer

Comparative operational tests of the Dutch gravimetric unit GACOM and the domestic laser interference analyzer Cong-Prima-10C showed the advantages of the Russian development.

13 february 2019

Single-Line Gas Metering Station

A meeting led by Deputy Chairman of the Board V.A. Markelov has been held to discuss the possibility of using a single-line gas metering station at PJSC Gazprom's facilities.

10 december 2018

Solutions for LUKOIL Oil and Gas Company

SPA Vympel has solved the problem of continued and reliable measurement of the oil-associated gas (40–60% of methane) dew point downstream of the glycol absorber.

02-05 october 2018

St. Petersburg International Gas Forum 2018

St. Petersburg, Petersburg Highway, 64, bld. 1, ExpoForum Exhibition and Convention Center, Pavilion F