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Reference base

The reference base of SPA Vympel is comprised of standards for gas humidity (dew point and hydrocarbon condensation temperature) and gas volume flow rate.

The humidity standard is intended for reproduction of dew (frost) point unit and hydrocarbon condensation temperature, transmission of this data to standard lowest-order hygrometers and operative measuring devices, as well as R&D in the field of metrological support of hygrometry. The standard is bound to the Russian National Primary Humidity Unit Standard.

The flow rate standards provide reproduction of volume flow rate units in a range of 30-80000 m3 with an error limit of 0.3% for flow meters with form factors Du50–Du1400 mm. The flow rate standards are designed for verification of ultrasonic flow meters with an error limit pf 0.5% and R&D in their metrological supply.