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««HyperFlow» pressure sensor»

"HyperFlow pressure sensor"

HyperFlow pressure sensors are designed to be used in industry and meet the high requirements for accuracy and stability of characteristics in the entire operating temperature range.
The HyperFlow pressure sensors are designed for measuring:
  • excess pressure (models DI-004, DI-006, DI-008, DI-010, DI-012, DI-014, DI-016, DI-017, DI-20);
  • absolute pressure (models DA-005, DA-007, DA-009, DA-011, DA-013, DA-015, DA-018, DA-019, DA-021);
  • pressure difference (model DP-022)
  • After measurement the sensor converts the pressure in a current output and/or digital signal..

Measurement limits:

  • excess pressure 0.25; 0.6; 2.5; 6; 16; 25; 32; 60 MPa;
  • absolute pressure 0.25; 1; 3; 6 MPa;
  • pressure difference 6; 10; 25; 40; 100; 250 kPa.

Output signals:

  • 4...20 mA direct current;;
  • 4...20 mA direct current with digital communication (HART protocol);
  • RS-485 digital communication with HART-based protocol;
  • RS-485 digital communication with MODBUS RTU protocol;
  • RS-232 digital communication with D1 protocol;
  • M-BUS digital communication with HART-based protocol;
  • M-BUS digital communication with MODBUS RTU protocol;

Application fields

Gas production, storage and preparation facilities in gas well clusters, main gas and oil pipelines.

Signature features:

archiving of 1200 values of the measured parameter in nonvolatile memory;
low power consumption mode (3.6 V, 3 mA for use in systems with autonomous power supply, models DI-016, DI-017, DI-018, DA-019);
zero adjustment using a magnetic key or via a digital communication channel;
resetting analog output range 4...20 mA via a digital interface without opening the sensor;
connection to a process: М20х1,5; М12х1,5; К1/4;
wide range of environment temperatures from -60°C to +70°C.


Allowed basic percentage error limits, %
for pressure sensors with digital output signal
for pressure sensors with analog output signal
Additional percentage error limits in environment temperature different from 20°C, %
Verification interval
3 or 5 years
Ambient air temperature
-40°C to +70°C
-60°C to +70°C
Explosion-proofing type
intrinsically safe circuit level ia (Exia)
intrinsically safe circuit level ib (Exib)
explosion-proof casing (Exd)
Protection degree (from solid objects and water)
Physical impactя
N2 group
25 years