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Line valve control system

Line valve control

The line valve control system is designed for automated remote or manual control of a line valve with an electro-pneumatic control unit. The power is supplied from a solar module, and it features diagnostics of valve site technological parameters, and continuous 24-hour operation. The system can be used independently or as part of a telemechanics system.
The equipment included in the system has the following explosion protection markings:
  • «2Exе[ib]IIBТ5 X» for the BU-025 control unit;
  • 1ExibIIВT5 Х for the DI-017 excess pressure sensors;
  • 1ExibIIAT5 X for the RG model of the HyperFlow-MK mini-communicator;
  • 1ЕхdIIВТ3 for the resistance temperature transducer.

The system provides:

  • control over opening and closing a linear valve;
  • measurement and monitoring of gas pressure before and after the valve, as well as in the reserve tank;
  • measurement and monitoring of the gas temperature after the valve, the battery and the ambient temperature;
  • signaling of the valve position, continuous monitoring of breakage or shorting of solenoid circuits;
  • signaling of deviation of technological parameters beyond the set limits;
  • signaling of unauthorized equipment state change;
  • signaling of unauthorized access to the site;
  • signaling about abnormal situations.

Signature features:

Autonomous operation without external power supply
Fully autonomous operation without external power supply
Built-in display
Internal data archive for up to 10 years
Internal archiving of data for up to 10 years with logging of all control actions and contingencies


Number of valves to be connected
Number of control channels for solenoids
2, supply voltage 110 (+11 -16.5) V
Number of pressure measurement channels
3 (DI-017 excess pressure sensor 1ExibIIBT5 X)
Number of temperature measurement channels
3 (TSP 100 measurement temperature transducer)
Number of current or voltage measurement points
4 (voltage from 0 to 30 V or current from 0 to 25 mA)
Power supply
Main: from the 24 A•h battery with recharging possible from the solar module
Interfaces for communication with the upper level system
Number of units on one line:
up to 32 1
Supported protocols
Modbus RTU (Slave)
Radio channel
Frequency range
433 MHz, 868 MHz or 2.4 GHz
Communication range, max. line of sight
1000 m
GOST 14254-96 degree of protection
Operating conditions
Ambient temperature from -40 to +70°С
Average lifetime of the system
15 years
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