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Process equipment

GSU-01 Hydraulic Control System

The GSU-01 Hydraulic Control System is designed for controlling the valves with hydraulic drives and wellhead shutdown valves in explosion-hazardous zones.
GSU-01 ensures that the valves are closed in case of emergency increase or decrease of pressure in the instrument gas pipeline due to:
  • resetting the hydraulic liquid pressure with a solenoid valve on a control signal (if the power supply is present);
  • resetting the hydraulic liquid pressure with pilot valves (if there is no power supply). The pilot valve triggering interval is set based on the facility parameters.

Application fields

Gas production, storage and preparation facilities in gas well clusters, main gas and oil pipelines.


  • Work in harsh climate conditions (environment temperature from -61°C to +60°C);
  • remote control of the process equipment and communication with the telemetry system;
  • 24 V power supply from an autonomous electric complex;
  • communication with the telemetry system through RS-485 digital interface;
  • designed for operation in explosion-hazardous zones.


Environment temperature
-60°C to +50°C
Operating pressure
up to 350 kgf/cm3
HCS output
at least 0.6 l/min
Interface type
Power supply voltage
24 V
Consumed current
0,025 А
during process control
35 А

Electrohydraulic drive EGP-01