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HyperFlow-ISA gas flow meter

gas flow meter

The HyperFlow-ISA gas flowmeter is designed to measure natural gas flow by the variable pressure drop method at gas production, storage and transportation facilities
The design of the instrument is based on a standard constriction device: ISA 1932 nozzle, which meets the requirements of GOST 8.586.3-2005. The actual measuring component of the HyperFlow-ISA gasflow meter is a HyperFlow-ZPm compound sensor with a flow calculation unit.
This flowmeter is designed for installation on pipelines having a nominal diameter of DN100, DN150, DN200, DN250, and DN300. The flow measurement range is 330 to 375,000 m3/h. The working pressure is 25.0 MPa. The pressure drop of the medium to be measured is up to 100.0 kPa.
HyperFlow-ISA provides:
  • measurement and recording of excess pressure, pressure difference and temperature at the primary transducer with a standard constriction device: ISA 1932 nozzle;
  • calculation and recording of natural gas flow and quantity according to the measured parameters;
  • output of measured, calculated and recorded values for remote data transmission in digital form to automation systems.

Intended use

HyperFlow-ISA is designed for use in explosion hazardous areas in accordance with the types of explosion protection of individual components. Explosion protection marking for the key parts of the flowmeter: 1ExibIIBT5 X.

Signature features:

Increased wear resistance
Increased wear resistance due to the profile of the nozzle, which has no sharp protruding parts
High measurement accuracy
Data transmission in digital form
Data transmission in digital form (HART or MODBUS RTU protocol)
The HyperFlow-ISA can be integrated into any telemetry and telemechanics systems
Dynamic flow measurement range
Dynamic range of flow measurement up to 10:1; 30:1 when using an additional pressure differential sensor DP-019.


Measured flow range, m3/h
Depending on nominal diameter of the flange measuring section
Relative error limits of gas flow and volume measurements under standard conditions, %
± 1
Measured medium temperature
from -60 to +60 °С
Dynamic range of measured flow
30:1 with optional pressure difference sensor
GOST 14254-96 degree of protection
Interval between calibrations
1, 2 or 3 years, depending on the accuracy
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Main set
HyperFlow-3Pm compound sensor with a flow calculation unit
ISA 1932 transduser with nozzle
Accessory kit
Assembly kit
Documentation kit
Verification kit (by customer request)
* may be altered. Clarified at the time of order
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