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HyperFlow-3Pm complex sensor with a flow calculation unit is designed for measuring the flow and quantity of liquid and gaseous media. It can be used as a multi-parameter sensor using six channels for measuring pressure/pressure difference (differential pressure) and one channel for temperature.
The basis of operation of the HyperFlow-3Pm is to measure the flow rate:
  • using the variable pressure difference method;
  • using gas volume flowmeters (operation in the correcting mode).
When used with orifice plates for high flows or with the NSU, the HyperFlow-3Pm can be used to measure flow rate and quantity in either direction of flow.
The use of an additional differential pressure sensor extends the flow measurement range.
The HyperFlow-3Pm is a fully autonomous instrument that is powered by the built-in battery and operates for up to five years.
The HyperFlow-3Pm is designed to measure flow using various primary transducers in accordance with the relevant regulatory documents:
  • standard constriction devices in accordance with GOST 8.586.1 - GOST 8.586.5-2005;
  • special constriction devices in accordance with RD 50-411-83;
  • flow transducers with conical orifice of a relative diameter of 0.4–0.64 in accordance with MI 3572-2016;
  • primary flow transducers with hydraulic resistance in accordance with MI 3580-2017;
  • non-standard constriction device (NSU) in accordance with KRAU2.833.006 TU;
  • volume flow sensors and meters with pulse output in accordance with GOST R 8.740-2011.
The physical properties of natural gas are calculated in accordance with the requirements of GOST 30319.1-2015 - GOST 30319.3-2015, GOST R 8.662-2009, GOST R 8.770-2011.

Application fields

  • commercial metering units for measuring the flow of natural gas, water, steam, other liquid and gaseous media
  • gas production and storage wells
  • gas condensate production wells as a part of the DFR-01 two-phase flow meter
  • HyperFlow-TM telemechanics systems as the pressure and temperature measurement units
  • gas odorization systems for measuring odorant flow
  • LNG flow measurement systems

Intended use

The HyperFlow-3Pm is designed for use in industrial and municipal facilities as an independent measuring tool, as well as in automated metering and control systems or for information transfer to other systems. The HyperFlow-3Pm is designed for operation in explosion hazardous areas and is labeled with the explosion protection marking: 1ExibllВT5X

Signature features:

High measurement accuracy
High measurement precision in the dynamic flow measurement range and in the operating temperature range of −60°C to +60°C. High measurement precision across the pressure difference and temperature measurement channels is achieved by means of the use of primary transducers with special circuit solutions and sensor calibration technology.
Possibility for the elimination of output signal dependency on the set reference values
The calculation unit, along with the primary difference and pressure transducer, is put in a thermal chamber, where the output signal dependency on specified reference values is removed for the entire pressure and temperature range.
Guarantee of accuracy in the range of measurement by means of the differential pressure channel
The calibration results, which are individual for each sensor, are stored in the memory of the calculation unit and are then used in the measurement process. In this way, accuracy is ensured over the range of the differential pressure channel from 1 to 100% and thus extend the flow measurement range up to 1:10 over the entire operating temperature range.


Type of primary element (internal diameter of the measuring pipeline, mm)
orifice with angle tapping (50–3000 mm), orifice with flange or three-radius tapping (50–1000 mm);
nozzle ISA 1932 (50–1000 mm);
Venturi nozzle (65–500 mm);
Venturi pipe (50–1200 mm);
non-standard constriction devices (92; 144 mm);
special constriction device: orifice with conical inlet (12.5–100 mm)
- flow transducer with a conical orifice, relative diameter 0.1–0.64 (MI 3572-2016) (8–12.5 mm)
- primary flow transducer with hydraulic resistance (MI 3580-2017) (0.15–4.2 mm)
Flow measurement range using a standard constriction device
from 10 to 5,500,000 Sm3/h (gas including natural gas);
from 0,01 to 4,000 t/h (water vapor);
from 0,8 to 20,000 t/h (liquid including water)
The range of flow measurement using a special constriction device (orifice with a conical inlet)
liquid 1 to 5,000 kg/h
gas 1 to 200 Sm3/h
Flow measurement range when using a flow converter with a conical orifice with a relative diameter of 0.1-0.64 (MI 3572-2016):
liquids from 1 to 1000 kg/h
gas (including natural gas) from 0.1 to 500 Sm3/h
Flow measurement range when using a volume flow meter (sensor) in the corrector mode
from 40 to 40,000 Sm3/h (gas, including natural gas)
Liquid flow measurement range when using a primary flow transducer with hydraulic resistance (MI 3580-2017)
from 0.001 to 120 kg/h
Thermal power measurement range
from 0.05 to 5,000 Gcal/h
Calorific value measurement range
from 0.4 to 200,000 GJ/h
Relative error limits, %:
flow calculation
±0,01; ±0,05
thermal energy calculation
±0,05; ±0,3
Excess pressure measurement upper limits, MPa
0.25; 0.6; 2.5; 6; 16; 25; 32; 60;
fraction error δ = ± (0.01+0.1(Р/Рmах))
Absolute pressure measurement upper limits, MPa
0.25; 1; 3; 6;
fraction error δ = ± (0.01+0.1(Р/Pmах))
Pressure difference measurement upper limits, kPa
6; 10; 25; 40; 100; 250;
fraction error δ = ± (0,01+0,1(dР/dРмах))
Pressure difference and pressure channel measurement range
1 : 100
Flow measurement range
1 : 10; up to 1 : 40 using an additional differential pressure sensor
Temperature measurement limits, °C
copper RTTs with α=0.00428 °C-1: -180...+200; platinum RTTs with α=0.00385 or 0.00391 °C-1: -200 to +400
Temperature measurement error
± 0,25°С
Time measurement error
± 0,01%
Hourly data recording trace archive size
104 days by pressure, pressure difference, medium temperature, accumulated flow and heat output channels
Daily data recording trace archive size
600 days by pressure, pressure difference, medium temperature, accumulated flow and heat output channels
Interventions trace archive size
2000 messages
Power supply
Network: from the intrinsically safe barrier BIZ-002; Autonomous: from the built-in power supply 45 000 hours
Average lifetime
25 years
Verification interval
From 1 to 3 years (depending on the S, A, B, V or G accuracy design)
Dimensions, mm
160х103х260 (electronic unit)
Weight, kg
no more than 10 (electronic unit)
Operating conditions
Ambient temperature from -60 to + 60 °С
Ingress protection design
At least IP 54 according to GOST 14254-96
Designation of the document used as the basis for manufacturing the instrument
KRAU1.456.001-01 TU
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Main set
HyperFlow-ZPm compound sensor with a flow calculation unit
Excess (absolute) pressure sensor
Pressure difference sensor;
Resistive temperature transducer;
Power supply unit;
Portable terminal;
Sensor adjustment kit (connection cable, CD with software);
Magnetic key;
Operation manual.
Optional equipment (on special order):
Junction box;
Spark protection barrier;
Verification kit;
A set of accessories and assembly parts.
* may be altered. Clarified at the time of order
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HyperFlow-ISA gas flow meter

The flowmeter based on the standard constriction device: ISA 1932 nozzle