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New level of environmental management.

SPA Vympel's telemetry systems provide the unmanned technology of automation for hard-to-access fields and pipelines.

Sites equipped with SPA Vympel management systems and technological equipment:
More than 500 gas-condensate well clusters at 15 fields
500 km of oil and condensate pipelines
Highly reliable power supply system based on renewable energy sources.

No power failures registered in over 10 million hours of operation.
SPA Vympel's unique solutions for the automation of remote gas and oil production and transportation sites are based on Vympel’s ultra-low power consumption telemechanical system process equipment, which can be fully powered by renewable energy.

One major advantage of SPA Vympel’s automated solutions is a significant reduction in capital construction costs, as there is no need for power line infrastructure construction. In addition, system and equipment maintenance requirements are likewise eliminated.