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General Information

Vympel-100 is an ultrasonic flow meter designed for integration in the gas distribution networks and replacement of standard turbine and rotary meters.

The flow meter feature

Vympel-100 does not require straight runs at input and output in contrast to standard ultrasonic flow meters. It is suitable for measuring units in confined spaces: in the turbo-compressor fuel gas treatment units, gas distribution stations, gas control units, boiler facilities, etc.
Vympel-100 has the widest dynamic range ratio of 500:1 among the rivals. The wide range allows to ignore the generally accepted design with two parallel flow meters for summer and winter seasons. One Vympel-100 replaces two standard meters.
Vympel-100 has a built in volume adjuster, pipeline and interference archive, and self-contained power supply provided by built-in lithium battery. Data can be transmitted both via the RS-485 digital interface and via the wireless GSM channel using the built-in telemetry module.
In the latter case, the flow meter is an autonomous measurement system and does not require any power or data cables.