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General Information

SPA Vympel supplies GeneralElectric (GEMeasurement&Control) with CONG-Prima-2M dew point transducers for the gas humidity and hydrocarbon condensation temperature measurement combined system.
The system consists of:
— the gas treatment system that filters the gas sample and reduces the working pressure to atmospheric and the pressure to 27 Bar;
— Aurora (GE Sensing) moisture analyzer for dew point measuring under the atmospheric pressure;
— CONG-Prima-2M dew point transducer for measuring the hydrocarbon condensation temperature under the pressure of 27 Bar;
— the pressure and temperature sensors connected to the Aurora analyzer to convert the measured water concentration values to dew point under working pressure.
Combi-system is mounted in a heated cabinet with a thermostating system.
Presented on the market for more than 5 years, the combined solution is widely used in many countries of the world at gas industry facilities and serves as proof of the high reliability and quality of the products of SPA Vympel.