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Dew point analyzer HYGROVISION-BL is an international comparative measurement gold standard

General Information

COOMET Organization ensures Euro-Asian cooperation of state metrological institutions. The organization includes 19 member countries, including the countries of Europe and the former Soviet Union.
COOMET recommends the HYGROVISION-BL analyzer as a standard of comparison between the state primary standards of the countries of the organization.
HYGROVISION-BL is an automatic condensation hygrometer has the manual measuring option. It was designed for taking dew point measurements of water and hydrocarbon as well as visual monitoring of condensation processes.
The hygrometer "HYGROVISION-BL" features a patented optical system for monitoring the surface of the cooling mirror, automatic photoelectronic scanning of the mirror surface, and storage of data on changes in the dew point for up to 5 years.
The analyzer can be used as a comparator instrument and as a reference device in the gas preparation system Model-003.
The error in transferring the dew point temperature in HYGROVISION-BL from one state primary standard to another is ± 0.05°C.