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Model-001 pressure reduction unit

pressure reduction unit

The Model-001 gas pressure reduction unit is designed to reduce the pressure of a gas sample from the operating pressure to a value between 0.03 and 3.5 MPa. The gas sample is simultaneously heated to prevent the possible formation of condensates as the gas cools due to the drop in pressure. The mount for a hygrometer is fully adapted to the Hygrovision-BL dew point analyzer.

Pressure reduction unit configurations

The Model-001 VMPL2.848.005 standard configuration is intended for use with a Hygrovision-BL analyzer to take measurements in automatic and manual modes under an operator's supervision.

The VMPL4.078.025 modification includes the high-pressure gas discharge set that allows for measurements to be taken in automatic on-line mode without an operator's supervision.


Maximum input pressure
up to 12 MPa
Reduction range
from 0.03 to 3.5 MPa
Materials in contact with gas
stainless steel
Connection to sample gas for reduction
Swagelok/DK-Lok connector for a pipe with outside diameter of 6mm
Power supply voltage
~220V, 50 Hz
Overall dimensions, max
510х300х324 mm
Mounting dimensions
4 holes with a diameter of 8.5 mm
Ambient temperature range for ensured functionality
+5°C to +40°C
Relative ambient humidity
Up to 98% at +35 °С or below in the absence of condensation and without direct exposure to atmospheric precipitation
Atmospheric pressure:
from 84 to 106.7 kPa (from 630 to 800 mm Hg)
Distance between the instrument and the power source, max
1000 m
Average lifetime
10 years
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Model-001 pressure reduction unit for use with the Hygrovision-BL dew point analyzer
Power source DR-60-24
S202-C1A automatic circuit breaker
S202-C2A automatic circuit breaker
Operational documents
Instruction manuals
Additional materials:
High-pressure gas discharge set
High-pressure hose
* may be altered. Clarified at the time of order
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