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Line telemechanics systems at the renewable energy sources

General Information

Automation of the pipeline in hard-to-reach territories of the Far North is a complex technical task: there are no power lines or roads for power supply and maintenance of the system.
To solve this problem, Vimpel has developed and implemented a linear telemechanics system (LTMS) using renewable energy sources.
The LTMS has a number of advantages: operates in a wide range of ambient air temperatures (from +50°C to -60°C), does not require power supply to production sites or maintenance. Use of renewable energy sources for the LTMS was made possible due to ultra-low (in milliwatts) power consumption of all system components.
The LTMS provides: — safe transportation of liquid hydrocarbons due to continuous monitoring of the piping system parameters and control of the pipeline actuators;
— location of possible leaks for quick cut-off of emergency areas;
— control over routine operations for pipeline cleaning and diagnostics;
— control of the cathode protection system;
— power supply to the controlled telemechanics units and connected equipment.
The LTMS is notable due to operation in a wide range of ambient air temperature (from + 50 ° С to -60 ° С), the possibility of using the system at non-powered production sites (due to ultra-low power consumption) as welll as unmanned facility maintenance technologies.

Example of implementation

The LTMS is implemented at the Yurkharovskoye field — Purovskiy CPP condensate pipeline
The condensate pipeline goes through Purovskiy and Nadymskiy districts of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug in Tyumen Oblast. Geographically, the condensate pipeline route is located on the territory of the West Siberian Plain.
The total length of the route is 504 km.
The number of controlled facilities is 83, of which 72 are supplied with electricity from renewable sources.
Number of crane sites: 54.
Number of water crossings equipped with leak detection systems: 9.

Extract from the website

Of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation V.V.Putin: events (speech 06/12/2010) on the Vympel linear telemechanics systems
V.V. Putin: «We are devoting attention to this. We won’t avoid the problem you’ve raised. We will develop all these types of energy. I recently attended the opening ceremony for a new plant (built by NOVATEK) to produce natural gas and pump it into pipelines, And I was surprised to learn that they use wind and solar energy to pump the gas through the pipeline. And at such high latitudes! In the Arctic Circle! I asked them, “How do solar batteries work here?” The answer was, “They work.” This energy is enough to supply gas-pumping substations. When the sun sets in the Artic Circle, the wind turbines start working.».