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Cathodic protection system

Cathodic protection system

The cathodic protection system, corrosion protection and monitoring unit (CPMU), makes it possible to monitor the electrochemical protection parameters of underground metal structures (pipelines), as a part of the linear telemechanics information control system. The unit is designed for operation in non-volatile telemechanics systems and be set up for various output power configurations.
The CPMU includes the controller module (CM) and the power converter modules (PCM). The number of installed PCMs determines the maximum output power of the unit.
During operation, the unit measures the output voltage, output current, protective potential of the structure, the voltage at the branch lines from the pipeline, and monitors the corrosion sensor.
The corrosion protection and monitoring unit can operate in three modes:
  • stabilization of the output voltage;
  • stabilization of the output current;
  • stabilization of the total or polarization protective potential relative to the copper-sulfate reference electrode.
Communication with the upper-level controllers is via RS485 Modbus interface.

Fields of application

  • Production facilities
  • Gas transmission facilities

Signature features:

Can be powered by renewable energy
The CPMU is extremely energy efficient, making possible its use in systems powered by renewable energy sources (wind, solar).
Operation in power-saving mode
The Cathodic Protection System can operate in the power-saving mode. In this mode, the power supply to the PCMs is switched off, but the potential and branch voltages continue to be measured and the corrosion sensor monitored.


Power supply voltage
21 to 29 V
Efficiency at max load
Output voltage range in voltage stabilization mode
3 to 48 V
PCM total output voltage regulation in the voltage stabilization mode
not more than + 2%.
Output current range at the PCM output in the current stabilization mode
up to 10 A.
PCM output voltage fluctuation in the current stabilization mode
not more than + 2%.
Protective potential maintenance range
-4 V to -0.7 V
Degree of protection from dust and moisture
Protection against voltage increase on the load
Protection against overheating of power elements
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